Entrepreneurs Light the Way through Dangerous Times

You know, I usually pack my blog with USEFUL tips to keep you guys focused and moving forward toward your goals. But every once in a while, it’s important to offer inspiration – not the Pollyanna kind of inspiration where we all join hands and sing, swaying by the campfire. Nope, I mean REAL inspiration. Where we admit that it’s TOUGH out there, but remind each other that we’re TOUGHER. The kind of inspiration where we link arms and simply refuse to be beat.

Last week, a member of my team sent me a short article she wrote about lighthouses and the video that inspired it. It was an amazing video, and it got me thinking as well. It got me thinking about the storms, the recession, business building and the amazing courage it takes to be the lighthouse keeper. You see, as my team member pointed out, this particular video of isn’t of some tranquil, new-age “om” on life. THIS video is the screaming-with-exhilaration picture of life. This is “hold your breath as the roller coaster whirls down the first hill and loops around so fast you can’t even raise your arms from the bar in front of you.”

Why do I share this here? Because entrepreneurs are A LOT like lighthouse keepers. We’re simply not looking for the tilt-o-whirl or the merry-go-round, we’re on the fastest, most exciting ride we can create every day. To really understand what I mean, you might want to watch the video (above this post). Because if the image you have in your mind is some peaceful blinking turret off of a sunlit New England shore, well, toss that idea into the trash and then kick the trashcan until it’s beaten to a pulp. This video is lighthouses from remote lands being unrelentingly pummeled by the ocean, waves wrapped around and over them like blankets, alive, spectacular and terrifying.
You see, here’s the truth as far as I see it: We don’t become entrepreneurs for the peace of mind. Those people, quite honestly, are on the shore. The most brave of them are maybe watching from the beach (or investing – hah). But the lighthouse keeper – now that’s bravery. I have no doubt that there are days when the calm ocean breeze feels like a sonata. But you KNOW that the raging surf is part of the deal. You know that there’s no safe way out of it if the chaos comes without warning. For us, the tumultuous, insane, terrifying days are PART of why we’re the rarest edge of society – the ones standing IN the lighthouse when it all goes down, streaming a warning to others (or welcoming them when the waters are safe again).

The next time it’s as insane as it can get and everything around you is like a raging storm, when your clients, your financing, your business model – EVERYTHING is like that raging surf – RELISH that moment. Those days DEFINE great leaders. We simply go THROUGH those storms, chart our OWN course, write our own strategies for success and create our own success stories, no matter what.

To YOUR continued success,

Christine Comaford, CEO Freedom Fighter!
CEO of Mighty Ventures, Inc.
NY Times Best Selling Author

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